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Welcome to Beulah Park, Ohio's first thoroughbred racetrack and event venue. From 1923 to 2014, this cherished establishment hosted live horse racing, captivating audiences from October through early May. All can pay homage to the energy and excitement that comes with the start of a race and memorializes the gathering place that was the Beulah Park race track and entertainment center with the prominent public sculpture, designed and created by Craig W. Murdick.


Today, this historic location has been transformed into central Ohio's most expansive walkable residential community. The legacy of this storied site lives on as a paramount mixed-use new urbanism community, spanning 220 master-planned acres. It now bridges Grove City's highly sought-after Historic Town Center with the expansive 32-acre Beulah Park and six neighborhoods that define the art of living. This evolution intertwines the past with the present and charts a promising path toward a vibrant future, offering a variety of living options for all lifestyles. Read more about the community here.